Part 117

Part 117   ( Supports IOS)

The best tool in the market to track your compliance against the new regulations. If you want to be able to determine your compliance easily, with accuracy but also to be able to understand where these figures come from this is the right app for you.

Extremely useful in complicated cases such as when called from a short call reserve or in case of a potential delay.

Check your cumulative FDP, Block restrictions, acclimatization status and rest requirements with just one “click”.

 Support Automatic Roster upload for
1) Virgin America
2) SouthWest
3) US Airways (PHX base)
4) Horizon Air 
5) Atlas Air 
6) Sun Country 
7) Miami Air
8) Omni Air


If you wish to quickly import your schedule simply send us a sample of your roster. Don’t know how? Send us an email and we will guide you through the process.   


Access the roster view screen which will display the roster in an easy to read duty period format, along with the applicable FDP limit, the acclimatization status and the rest requirement of that duty. Ability to view the duties in either UTC or local base or local station or reference time.
Access the trip view screen which will break down the roster into trips and highlight the block, pax time and time away from base of each trip.
Access the flight list view screen to view a list of all the flight in a daily breakdown.
Import the roster in seconds, instead of having to type in all the data. If the functionality is not available for your airline send us an email and we will make the necessary arrangements. Any information provided is confidential, will be solely used for the creation of the automatic upload procedure and will be permanently deleted after the completion of the automatic upload procedure.

The app includes all the latest amendments and clarifications issued by the FAA and will remain synchronized with any news and updates in the field.

The perfect tool for Schedulers and Pilots.

Automatically calculates the state of acclimatization § 117.3

Determines the applicable FDP limit with a detailed explanation.
Checks the number of extended duties between the rest periods described in § 117.25(b).
Checks the flight and fdp cumulative limitations – § 117.23.
Determines the required rest periods – § 117.25.
Checks if 30 consecutive hours rest periods in any 168 consecutive hours has been provided or not 117.25(b).
Determines how the airport and short call reserve are affecting the maximum FDP – § 117.21.
Tracks the accumulated flight and duty times
Determines the additional rest and local nights requirements for time zone differences – § 117.25(d).


Unforeseen circumstances in flight operations – commander’s discretion – § 117.19
Extensions due to in-flight rest depending on the applicable rest facility – § 117.11 & § 117.17

Extensions due to break on the ground (split duty) – § 117.15

FDP Calculator is also available within the app supporting the following features:
FDP, FDP limit calculation with detailed explanation
Flight Time limit and Minimum Required Rest.
Extended due to unforeseen circumstances
Split Duty
Crew composition
2 pilot
3 pilot
4 pilot crew
applicable Rest Facility.
Ability to store duty periods
Automatic calculation of the acclimatization status
Automatic tracking of the 168, 672 FDP hours

FAR’s part 117 documentation
User Guide
Ability To send email from within the app

Ultimate guide to acclimatization. An easy, step by step procedure which will help you understand and identify your acclimatization status according to the new regulations.

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