EASA flight log

This app intends to bring the flight logs in to a new level. Beyond the standard cumulative limitations the app will help the Flight crew member to assure his/her compliance against the new EASA requirements. A user friendly interface will highlight the paragraphs which apply to each flight duty, indicate the requirements and the compliance against these requirements.

Access the roster view screen which will display the roster in an easy to read duty period format, along with the applicable FDP limit, the acclimatization status and the rest requirement of that duty. Ability to view the duties in either UTC or local base or local station or reference time.
Access the trip view screen which will break down the roster into trips and highlight the block, pax time and time away from base of each trip.
Access the flight list view screen to view a list of all the flight in a daily breakdown.
Import the roster in seconds, instead of having to type in all the data. If the functionality is not available for your airline send us an email and we will make the necessary arrangements.
Automatically calculates
The state of acclimatization – ORO.FTL.105 (1,2)
To select the type (early or late) of disruptive schedule – ORO.FTL.105 (8)
Determines the applicable FDP limit with a detailed explanation – ORO.FTL.205(8)+.
Checks the number of extended duties (without in-flight rest) in any 7 consecutive days – ORO.FTL.205(d)
Checks the Pre and Post rest requirements of extended duties (without in-flight rest) – ORO.FTL.205(d)
Checks the flight and duty time limitations – ORO.FTL.210
Determines the required rest periods in and out of base – ORO.FTL.235(a,b)
Checks if the required recurrent extended recovery rest periods have been provided or not – ORO.FTL.235(d)
Determines how the airport and other than airport standby are affecting the maximum FDP – CS.FTL.1.225
Tracks the accumulated flight and duty times
Determines the rest requirements for disruptive schedules – CS.FTL.1.235(a) – and additional rest requirements for time zone differences – CS.FTL.1.235(b)(3)
Determines the local nights requirements between Eastward-Westward and Westward-Eastward transitions – CS.FTL.1.235(b)(4)


Unforeseen circumstances in flight operations – commander’s discretion – ORO.FTL.205(f)
Unforeseen circumstances in flight operations – delayed reporting CS.FTL.1.205(d)
Extensions due to in-flight rest depending on the applicable rest facility – CS.FTL.1.205(b)
Extensions due to break on the ground (split duty) – CS.FTL.1.220
Reduced Rest if operating under FRM. The app tracks automatically the number of reduced rest periods between extended recovery rest periods – CS.FTL.1.235(c) – and how the reduced rest period is affecting the MAX FDP and rest requirement of the subsequent duty – CS.FTL1.235(c)
Crew members working for the following airlines have the ability to automatically upload their roster
Aer Lingus
Air Berlin Group
Air Nostrum
Air Serbia
Bmi Regional
DHL Air Group
EuroAtlantic Airways
Greenland Air
Iberia Express
Olympic Air
Sata Group
Travel Service
Automatic Upload of the roster will be free for one year from the date of purchase. Thereafter an annual support fee will apply.

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